Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Dance Like Nobody is Watching

I have a dancer at my house. Her name is Ensley Hope and even her smile dances!! When I say that she's a dancer, I'm meaning that if I were going to take away her food or her dancing, she'd say goodbye to the food without hesitation. :)

I've been praying for years that we would find our children's passion at an early age so that we could put our energy, time and money into what they love.  I think the Lord sent us Ensley's passion at a very early age!  She loves this so much!


She spends much of her time at a fabulous dance studio called Glory and Grace Ballet Company in Gadsden, AL. 

When we walk into the studio, we are just greeted with a beautiful, warm place that is so comfortable for Mommas and siblings while the little girls are learning. The dancers are so proud of their studio. They even love their cubby holes for their bags.

Ensley works extremely hard at dancing!  She has to work so hard.  Many of the things she's learning isn't natural to her but she'll come home and work and work until she has it.  I love her dedication and hard work ethic.  To me, she does so beautifully and she came from a momma with no dancing ability at all. :)  The dancers all do so great under Mrs. Erica's instruction.  I'm so proud that she doesn't complain about going to lessons.  She would spend more time there if we'd let her or if there were more classes available to her. 

 I have to admit, sometimes, we get a wee bit tired of all the spins and leaps and a bunch of other ballet terms in French that I have no idea what they are.  It's just not good for the supper table to be showing us her latest kick or splits.  Ha!  I really wouldn't have it any other way with her though. We just have to help her know the best times for her to twirl and it's not while she is twirling pasta on her fork.  Ha!

Our favorite part of dance is the fact that it is Christian Ballet. These sweet girls are dancing for the Lord!  Their instructor, Erica Goggans is an amazing woman of God.  She leads the girls in such  disciplined classes and teaches them wonderful biblical truths while teaching them to control their bodies and minds. I feel like we've found the most wonderful thing for our child and I'm so thankful.  It's not crazy dancing where their bodies are shaking everywhere, it's not dancing that my hubby needs to cover his eyes at the recital, it's beautiful Christian Ballet and my Ensley has found her love.  


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  1. I am so glad that she has been able to feel passionate about at such a young age!