Monday, February 25, 2013

A Few Little Touches Add So Much

I've been doing a little changing up in our decor lately. I've discovered that I love used old stuff. Even antique stores are exciting to me when they used to never be. I'm not much of a shopper or I thought I wasn't. I've found out that its the mall and department stores that I don't like to visit and shop. I LOVE little quaint, one-of-a-kind places with personality and charm dripping from them.

My new two favorite spots are The Cozy Nest and Blossom Antiques in Downtown Attalla. I also LOVE The Peddler's Market in SandRock. It's one of my favorite stores anywhere! They don't have fancy smancy, Victorian antiques which aren't really my style. They have very primitive, painted furniture that warms my heart. Here are a few pieces that you might see when going into either store. By the way, Blossom Antiques and The Cozy Nest are next door to each other and are mother and daughter;).

I absolutely love this old style! I made a few purchases of my own and have been having a blast placing them in our home and adding some Williamson touches to them.

In the kitchen, we've added two pieces that just soften the room and give more of a farmhouse feel.

The great cabinet sits in the corner of our kitchen and is such a delight! It's such a fun piece and makes me wonder how old it is and what all houses it has blessed. Hmmmm...... You like all the tomatoes?? We canned so many this year and they are scrumptious!

I love the platter on top. It says "Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread". My sweet friend Joy gave it to me a month or so ago and I think it's perfect. The green/cream pitcher was bought off Facebook from a lady in Hokes Bluff for $3!
WOW! What a steal!
This little beauty is extremely rustic. I didn't really think the hubby would like this one because it is SO rustic. He loved it though. Especially the lamp and that it gave us a place to store our morning devotionals. He likes things to be functional and organized. I just think its cute so we both win!
This chair was $40 from a FB auction here in our town. I thought it was perfect for our bedroom. Scott needed a place to sit and tie his shoes and to read. BINGO! Little quaint sitting area for him is done! The little green table was bought from Blossom Antiques and its precious! The pillow and lamp match-- they are both burlap. The lamp was picked up from Dollar General. There are treasures everywhere if we just look for them;)

I think I'm enjoying finding things that make our home more, well....... HOME;). I can't wait to decorate our new farmhome and make it our own. My goal in our home is for a lovely, peaceful, sanctuary that my family wants to come home to and relax and enjoy our family together.


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  1. I'd go shoppping with you anyday! Those shops looked right up my ally!