Saturday, February 23, 2013

I'd so like to go to China after tonight!

It was a very exciting trip tonight to Top O' the River! This is probably the best and most popular restaurant in town. People come from all over the place to eat here.

If you saw us tonight, you may have noticed that there were three children that didn't look like the rest of us. They were adopted from China and were so precious! We went with Ernie and Michele Willis, Jason and Lauren Ayres and Marty and Felicia Smith. Sweet sweet families.

My parents have always told us that they thought we'd adopt and we always giggled and said, no, probably not. Sometimes I think about it and think that maybe, just maybe we will but most days, I think no, probably not. Tonight was a night where I definitely thought that we have room for a few more to love in this house;).

Michele and MJ on left, Lauren and Davidson Ayres on right.

Me and Davidson Ayres

Mabrey and Ming Yu Ayres
Ensley and Maggie Ayres
Rebecca Ayres and MJ Willis
The very crazy, crowded Top O'

Me and my handsome date.


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