Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Cottage cheese pancakes and cauliflower pizza!

My friend Sherry recommended a book to me that is rocking my world. It's called Trim Healthy Mama and is very very long. I don't mind a long book but this one is intense. I'm so intrigued by it and am reading it a little everyday. I'm glad that I'm reading it and learning about a new way of dividing food for energy burning.

They are sisters who claim to be only mommas and not authors. I totally disagree. They are also fabulous authors who don't give them selves enough credit.

So far, I've tried a couple of their recipes. I will be trying lots more and it's just fun to learn new things. I don't quite understand everything Im doing yet but I will. I'm just not far enough into the book yet.

Yesterday morning, I made pancakes from oats and cottage cheese. Surprisingly, they were DELISH!!! My girls thought they were better than anything we've had in the pancake department so we will definitely be making more of those.

So much easier to take a screen shot instead of explaining everything;)
Last night, I made the Fooled Ya Pizza! My family didn't care for it but I loved it! I think it's because they watched me make it and knew that the crust was cauliflower. Mabrey came and got some more later and said that she changed her mind. She did like it after all. Hmmm.... We'll see if she wants leftovers today. I don't have a picture of it. I really thought it was bubbly and cheesy and very pizza like;)

Looking forward to trying more recipes that are good for us. I'll post the ones we love and the ones that we hate. It's fun to try new things and learn how to better take care of our bodies. We are on a major health kick that I hope lasts. Mabrey has lost 10 lbs since the beginning of the year by going to the gym and eating healthier. Not dieting, but looking for good things to eat. None of us are junk food eaters. We just love good hearty country meals. After my battle with my blood last week, I started really looking for high iron foods and healthier options for carbs. I'm so thankful Sherry told me about this book because we are serious business about getting as healthy as we can.



  1. did you taste or see the cottage cheese in the pancakes or did it disappear?

    do you normally like the taste of cauliflower? could you taste it in the pizza?

    1. The cottage cheese completely disappears. They are fantastic but cook very quickly so cook on lower heat than normal. I do like cauliflower but I couldn't taste it in the pizza. If I didn't know better, I would never know the crust was cauliflower. I will say that my friend, Sherry didn't like it. She could smell it. Try it and see what you think. Thanks for reading!!!!